ANIX Scorpion Nectar Collector

Heating Chamber: Ceramic,
Output Voltage: 3.2V/3.6V/4.2V,
Resistance: 0.55-0.7ohm,
Preheating: 2.0V/10S,
Battery Capacity: Built-in 650mAh,
Material: PC+Aluminum+Copper,
Size: 141*20mm,
5 Colors Optional.
/ Pieces
Description Review
Experience unparalleled versatility and functionality with the ANIX Scorpion Nectar Collector. This innovative 2-in-1 device seamlessly transitions between an Electric Nectar Collector and a CBD Battery, offering adaptable On-Demand/Session/CBD modes. Its fully magnetic connection and easily disassembled parts redefine convenience, making cleaning and part replacement effortless. Designed for portability, its ergonomic build and user-friendly ceramic tube heating ensure a hassle-free experience.
Dive into customizable experiences with adjustable voltage settings (3.2V: Green, 3.6V: Blue, 4.2V: Red) and a specialized 510 SCC Adaptor catering to 510 thread carts. Engineered with a ceramic heating chamber and a robust blend of PC, aluminum, and copper, the Scorpion guarantees durability. Choose from five stylish color options - an expression of both functionality and aesthetics.
Revolutionize your vaping experience with the compact, adaptable, and sophisticated ANIX Scorpion Nectar Collector, your gateway to tailored sessions and seamless convenience.


2-in-1 Works as Electric Nectar Collector + CBD Battery,
On-Demand/Session/CBD Mode,
Fully Magnetive Connection,
All parts Disassemble & Changeable,
Easy to Clean & Carrying,
Ergonomic Design & User-Friendly Ceramic Tube Heating,
Adjustable Voltage Settings (3.2V: Green, 3.6V: Blue, 4.2V: Red),
510 SCC Adaptor(Designed for 510 thread cart).

1.Heating Chamber: Ceramic,
2.Output Voltage: 3.2V/3.6V/4.2V,
3.Resistance: 0.55-0.7ohm,
4.Preheating: 2.0V/10S,
5.Battery Capacity: Built-in 650mAh,
6.Material: PC+Aluminum+Copper,
7.Size: 160*90*30mm,
8.Colors: Carbon Fiber, Space Grey, Diamon Silver, Sky Blue, Devil Red.

Packing List:

1 * Taurus Steam Machine,
1 * Extended Sleeve,
1 * Short Sleeve,
1 * Cleaning Brush,
1 * Mesh Filter Screen,
1 * Type-C Cable,
1 * User Manual.


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