LTQ Vapor Mangler Electric Herb Grinder Kit 1100mAh

Easy to Use and One-Button Action,
Multi-Protection Function,
Battery Capacity: 1100mAh,
Type C Fast Charging,
Material: Zinc-Aluminum Alloy and Electroplated Pearl Nickel.
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Description Review

LTQ Vapor Mangler Kit is an electric herb grinder device made of super hard aviation zinc-aluminum alloy and electroplated pearl nickel material. Powered by 1100mAh battery, strong and durable. It has Multiple protection to ensure your safe use, such as low voltage protection, stuck protection, and short circuit protection. If the grinding time exceeds 35s, the green light is on and the grinder stops working. When the upper cover is not tightened, the Hall switch cannot start working. LED lights will not light up. Besides, It is easy to clean.

Multi-protection functions,
Geared motor, super torque, rotate left and right alternately, no knife jamming,
It simulates a traditional cigarette grinder, and the grinding particles are uniform, which can increase the air permeability of the cigarette,
Increase the slippage to filter cannabis crystals,
Easy to clean.

2.Battery Capacity:1100mAh,
3.Grinding knife:super hard aviation zinc-aluminum alloy + electroplated pearl nickel,
4.Operating Voltage:3.3V-4.2V Single lithium battery.

Package Includes:
1* Electric Herb Grinder,
32*Rolling Papers,
1*Dood Tube,
1*Rolling Machine,
1* Herb Chamber,
1* Cleaning Brush,
1* Plastic Spoon,
1* Type-C USB Cable,
1* User Manual.

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