LTQ Vapor Mini Electric Herb Grinder Kit

1.Press the button 5 times to power on,
2.Unscrew the glass jar and fill it,
3.Press the button to start working,
4.Grinding and shaking it about 10 seconds when you grind,
5.Press the button to stop working and enjoy it.
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Description Review

LTQ Vapor Mini Electric Herb Grinder Kit is hand-picked and reliable and is an excellent way to grind your herb instead of using your hands. It has four types of electric herb grinders to choose from. Compared to Electric Herb Grinder, it sizes a tiny base, without having to compromise on performance or power. Utilizing the single button for five clicks to turn on, then you should unscrew the LTQ Vapor Mini Electric Herb Grinder Kitlassy glass jar and fill your herb, press the button to work, waiting for 10 seconds, ultimately, you will achieve finely ground herb. What’s more, the Large bore glass is also comfortable to clean.

Four Types,

Hand-picked And Reliable,

Grind Your Herb,
Tiny Base,

Without Having To Compromise On Performance Or Power.


001: 48*92mm,

002: 48*91mm,

003: 48*93mm,

004: 48*89mm,
2.Battery Capacity:400mAh,
3.Material: PC+Glass+
Stainless Steel。

Package Includes:
LTQ Vapor Mini Electric Herb Grinder,

1* Type-C USB Cable,
1* Clean Brush.


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